Lead Generation

Strategic Planning

Based on your goals & budget, we come up with the right marketing position & Technology strategy to bring you inbound leads.

Campaign Creation

Then we create the custom landing pages, advertising campaigns and backend marketing automations.

Testing & Optimization 

You'll receive weekly campaign reports. We'll stay busy working to reduce advertising costs and improve conversion rate.

Lead Generation Services

If you have been having trouble funneling in quality leads, we want to help. We have an extensive and strategic process to target the right demographics and bring you leads that you will be able to convert into paying customers.

Our entire lead generation process is tracked and shared with you with detailed reports, so you know exactly where your money is going. We explain our process in detail below, but we want you to know that here at Philadelphia Media Lab we pride ourselves on quality work and transparency with all of our clients! 

Ongoing Lead Gen Management Progress

  • Keyword & placement research

  • Multi-channel PPC networks

  • Landing page design/testing

  • Ongoing PPC auditing

  • Smarter retargeting practices

  • Consistent competitor research

  • Text/image ad split testing

  • 24/7 custom reporting

  • Optimize landing pages

  • Conversion quality care

  • A/B test landing pages 

  • Negative keyword additions

  • Negative placement additions

  • Keyword & geo granularity

  • Bid management execution

  • Conversion & call tracking

  • Day parting/bid modifications

  • Shopping campaign management

  • Analytics performance insights

  • ROI focused progress

Channels & Software Used For Lead Gen

Quicker Results With Custom Landing Pages

PPC management is great but what happens when you combine conversion rate optimization with proper PPC management? A powerful marketing machine with a high ROI. 

With higher conversion rates, click through rates and quality scores you will be saving money by lowering cost per click and increase your impressions and conversions.

The great thing about custom landing pages is that it allows us to constantly test new CRO strategies, meaning your PPC campaigns will become profitable much quicker!

"I thought I knew everything there was to know about PPC until I worked with Philadelphia Media Lab. 


The best part about working with the PML team is that they truly have your companies best interests at heart. They make sure to walk you through their entire process and make sure you're happy with the results."

Briana Candeub

Vice President of Operations

Park Avenue Limousine

Transparency, Clarity & Insight

Month To Month

Our results speak for themselves. Each month you will see an increase in return and you will see you company grow.

It's All Yours

Everything that we create is yours to keep. We want you to feel confident and secure throughout our entire process.

Consistent Value

We to grow your business however we can. Once proper ppc campaigns are bringing in a high return, we will start looking at other opportunities to help you grow.

We Want to Work With You!

Wondering how much PPC management would cost for your company?

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