Facebook Ads For Beginners | 2018

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

The art of advertising on Facebook can be confusing at first glance.

With approximately 2 billion users, one can easily argue that this primary social media platform is a great place to promote your ads, campaigns, and more importantly, your company as a whole in order to generate sales and customer satisfaction.

We will be covering a few topics that will help you understand Facebook ads and how they work. These topics will include:

  • What is a conversion and why is it important

  • Facebook pixels

  • How to increase your conversion rates (Lead Generation)

  • Remarketing

What is a Facebook Conversion?

So a few words like “leads,” “conversions,” and “advertising” have been thrown around a bit, but what exactly are Facebook conversions and why are they important? A conversion is specific action a customer takes on your website. These conversions can range from submitting a form, making a call or even spending a certain amount of time on your website. In the simplest terms, a Facebook conversion is an action a Facebook user takes when visiting your particular page. These include viewing a certain page, registering, or placing an order after selecting items to purchase that were found on your site. Basically, almost any action taken on your page that leads to revenue for you/your company.

This sounds simple enough, but there are a few steps you need to take in order for you Facebook campaigns to start converting. Facebook does not know when a conversion happens, so the user must alert Facebook of conversions by using Facebook pixels. Don’t worry, we break down what these are and the importance of them.

Facebook Pixels

A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool consisting of a code you can implement into your website. Once you set up your Facebook ads, the next step is to monitor how many visitors come to your page and tracks how many clicks you get a day. This tracking tool is pretty essential in that it is basically an insight on if your advertisements are generating enough traffic for you/your business. If you want to learn how to set up a facebook pixel on your website, check out this video.

Facebook Campaign Objectives

While ad campaigns and their purposes vary depending on business owners, the result of generating leads and creating more Facebook conversions are a shared objective. Brand awareness is important, and there a few things you should include in your campaign to generate the traffic you need:

  • Lead Generation - actions taken to identify and draw in potential customers for your business. Examples of these include coupons, quizzes, offering free trials, anything that can help cater to your target demographic in order to create success for your campaign or business.

  • Landing Pages - pages on your website that focus on something specific. These can be homepages, a specific service offered, anything resulting in clicking on a call to action (CTA) that generates a lead or sale. These show your website viewers that they are in the right place for what they are looking for while forming the basis for your overall campaign whether the viewer understands that or not.

So How Do You Increase Your Conversion Rates?

Now that we understand what a conversion is a bit more, now it’s time to tackle how we get them. We can now determine that with Facebook ads receiving a total of nearly 22 billion clicks annually that this platform has the potential to grow any business. Coming back to Facebook pixels, once activated they can create conversions and also measure the actions of importance to your website such as when someone makes a purchase.

Facebook Ads Manager has numerous features and tools that allow you to build your Facebook ad. It’s a built-in organisational and administrative tool that is meant to help you view multiple ad campaigns. It can also help you check your ad progress and help you target who you want to advertise to by creating custom audiences. This can give you the advantage of reaching out to people who have not yet subscribed to your product or service, eliminating users who have already subscribed to an email list to leave you with users who have maybe trialled the product but did not commit.

Why is this important? You can figure out what did not work to entice these specific customers to convert. If at first you don’t succeed, why not give it another try? Now you can offer this group discounts, offers, another trial run, ect. in order to try to win them over a second time. This is also known as remarketing, but for the sake of time we aren't going to dive to deep into that topic.

There are more than a few ways to run a successful Facebook ad, but what we’ve looked at are some of the most common and helpful ways to create conversions that will benefit a business as a whole. Facebook ad marketing requires a lot of tests and trial runs to make sure everything comes together in the right way, and not taking the time to research how to utilize the website properly can result in a lot of wasted time and money. One or all of these could work to benefit your campaign, but just knowing Facebook is a place where success can derive from if used properly is encouragement enough to take the leap as long as you understand how.


Thanks so much for reading! If after reading you are interested in learning more about how implementing some Facebook Ads could improve your business, please reach out to team@philadelphiamedialab.com or give us a call at (215)-301-2730.


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