Social Media Management

Strategic Planning

Community Engagement

Testing & Optimization 

We create social media calendars based on your brand's goals.  Our plans will create an aesthetic feel for the brand.

It's great to have to have a ton of followers, but do they engage with you?  We'll help build a passionate & engaged following.

Throughout our posting schedule we'll monitor analytics in terms of hashtags, time & style of post.  From there we optimize to increase engagement & following.

Making Your Brand & Community Come Alive

  • Hashtag Analytics

  • Aesthetic Concepts 

  • Community Outreach 

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Optimizing For Growth

  • Engaging Community 

  • Cultivating Community 

  • Strategic Aesthetic Appeal

  • Growing Accounts

  • Increasing Engagment 

  • Creative Captioning 

  • Hashtag Research 

  • Location Based Posting 

  • Strategic Branding 

  • Contests

  • Posting Calendars 

  • Competitor Research 

  • Creating Hashtag lists 

  • Analytics performance insights

  • ROI focused progress

Channels Utilized for Community Building

What Is Social Media Management?

When you pair with us you're going to receive a personalized plan developed to meet you brand and business's needs.

When it comes to establishing a brand online a lot goes into this process.  We love to include you in every conversation to develop captions​ and plan out content so we fully understand how to communicate your brand online.

After our research is done and we establish how we are communicating your brand, we take care of the rest.

Throughout the process we will engage with our community through comments, we will optimize for the best times to post as well as the best hashtags to use.

Our process is thorough, but at the end of the day establishing your voice online is an asset that needs a vision.

"It’s not often I come across people who truly understand social media marketing & brand building – Philadelphia Media Lab does.

With an additional focus on community engagement, they outperform the majority of other marketers who end up with tunnel vision."


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